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Australia's favourite collections of promotional products

  • PCT186

    AirPods Silicone Protection Case - For Apple Only


    Types:AirPods Silicone Protection Case - For Apple Only

    Color:Silicone case: Black, White, Green, Red, Blue, Pink. PMS matching is available for qty over 1000.
    Carabiner keychain: Black

    Product Size: Silicone case: 4.4 x5.6 x 2.3cm Carabiner keychain: 2.4 x 4 x0.4cm

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  • PCT137

    Metallic Cube Bluetooth Speaker


    Types:Metallic Cube Bluetooth Speaker

    Color:Black; Sliver.

    Product Size: 41 x 41 x 46mm

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  • PCT138

    Lighting Cube Bluetooth Speaker


    Types:Lighting Cube Bluetooth Speaker


    Product Size: 41 x 41 x 46mm

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  • PCT139

    Wireless Charge Speaker with Phone Stand


    Types:Wireless Charge Speaker with Phone Stand


    Product Size: 113 x 76 x 84mm

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  • PCT141

    Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charger


    Types:Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charger


    Product Size: 109 x 66.6 x 60mm

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  • PCT142

    Waterproof Suction Speaker


    Types:Waterproof Suction Speaker

    Color:Green, White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow.

    Product Size: 85 x 48 mm

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  • PCT039

    Premium Light Up Wireless Fast Charger


    Types:Premium Light Up Wireless Fast Charger

    Light colour: White

    Product Size: Dia 105 x 8mm

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  • PCT040

    Foldable Light Up Wireless Charger


    Types:Foldable Light Up Wireless Charger

    Light colour: Warm White; Red; Blue; Green
    The first touch of the switch turns on the warm white light. The second touch turns on the RGB light with slow flashing in five seconds. The third touch turns on the red light. The fourth touch turns on the blue light. The fifth touch turns on the green light. Keep touching turns off the light.

    Product Size: Unfold: Dia14.1 x 7cm
    Fold: Dia 14.1 x 2.3cm

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